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Rob Carlson, LPC, EMDR, ACS

Rob Carlson

Hi, I'm Rob Carlson! I love connecting with people in the counseling room and helping them move toward a happier and healthier life. I come from a family of helpers: during my growing-up years in Southern Africa, we spent many of our vacations helping at orphanages, training pastors, and building schools. Following in those footsteps, I wanted to be a counselor since I was fifteen years old. 


I've also seen the profound impact of counseling firsthand as I've had to reprocess trauma I didn't expect to go through. Through my own journey I formed a drive to help others work through trauma, reconnect with the people they love, learn to adapt to what they can't change, and learn to live more aligned with their values--becoming who they always wanted to be.


I love asking questions and hearing people's stories, and I stay connected to my community through my family, church, and friendships. I'd love to meet you and help you in your own journey!


You may have experienced something that didn't make sense at the time, but as time has gone by, you've noticed it's keeping you from the life you want. Or you may have seen or experienced something that you knew right away was terrible. Either way, you were left traumatized. Working through trauma is hard, but a better life waits on the other side. I love to help people reprocess their trauma and primarily use EMDR, an effective process that is less intrusive than other therapies.


You may feel like you can't stop worrying about family, work, politics--the list goes on and on. You may not have realized you had anxiety until your doctor, family, or friends pointed it out, but you know it's had a negative impact on your life. Anxiety can feel irrational, but that doesn't matter--the reality is that the worry is still there. The problem is, left unchecked, anxiety can become worse. But counseling can help. I've had a lot of experience with anxiety in my own life and with helping people adapt to their anxiety and live more flourishing lives. 


Third-culture kid (TCK) refers to people who grew up between two cultures. If you moved to another country in your youth, grew up in a distinct cultural context different from the majority-US experience, or were a missionary kid, you may relate to issues that TCKs experience: feeling like your foot is never 100% in one culture. You feel like a chameleon, adept at integrating into and surviving any situation you find yourself in. But you don't feel like you really belong. These are issues that can be worked through. You can develop your identity and create a space you feel connected to. I can help you with that.

Peaceful Night Sky

make your choices, then move forward in confidence.
- Dean Carlson

Wood Pinwheels

I'm married and a dad of three boys. Life can feel intense and I love it! When I'm not with my family, I like to spend time biking or hiking, listening to audiobooks, or watching my favorite movies.

How I Help

As a licensed clinical counselor in the state of Colorado, I use a few modalities depending on what my clients need. My overall approach is in attachment. However, I focus on helping my clients work on either changing or adapting to their life situation. I like to provide my clients with an understanding of what they're experiencing and practical skills so that they know how to deal with their issues. I'm also a certified EMDR therapist, and I find that EMDR techniques are a powerful way to help my clients reprocess their trauma.

About Me

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