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Leigh Ann Looyenga, MA, MDiv, LPCC. Professional Therapist/Counselor providing therapist/counseling in Colorado Springs.

Leigh Ann Looyenga

Hi, I’m Leigh Ann Looyenga! I love hearing peoples’ stories and walking with them through the parts of their hearts and lives that are difficult to explore alone. As a child, I lived between two worlds: my parents were culturally South African, but I was raised in the United States. I discovered through various moves and environments that I enjoy engaging people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. My family often joked that even as a 5-year-old I knew everyone on our apartment block! In my work in counseling, I seek to draw out each person’s distinct story and make space for healing that leads to a flourishing life. 

People Who Invest in Others Need a Place to Rest and Heal

My young adult years were poured into caring for and leading people within the non-profit arena, or in my home as the wife of a leader and a mom to three unique kids. I invested 12 years in church ministry and 9 years as a pastoral counselor walking alongside ministry leaders and their families. I know how challenging it can be to care for your own heart and mind when numerous people are looking to you for direction and nurture. Yet, I also know first-hand that if we are going to relate in life-giving ways, we need to invest time in understanding our own story and receiving the healing we need. We also often need support as we seek to understand and serve people in our care who struggle with specific mental health challenges.


You may feel like the pattern of relating you learned as a child does not equip you to face the relational and life challenges you face as a teen or adult. Your feelings of depression make it difficult to accomplish the simplest task or engage in the relationships you care about as deeply as you desire. I know personally how depression can feel paralyzing. No one is designed to face depression in isolation. My desire is to come alongside of you and help you find practical ways to alleviate the depression, as well as explore ways to heal the root issues underneath it.


Traumatic experiences alter the way we experience the world. Either a current traumatic event itself or something smaller that makes us feel like we did during trauma unsettles us at our core. It can lead to our emotions feeling out of control and a desperate struggle to make rational sense of what are body seems to be shouting at us. Counseling is a safe space to learn ways to emotionally regulate and to empower a person to both understand the impact of trauma in their lives and how to heal from it. 

Serene Mountains and a Lake

Communicating fully is the opposite of being traumatized. 
- Bessel Van Der Kolk

Pebbles and leaves

How I Help

As a licensed professional counselor candidate in the state of Colorado, I use a variety of approaches that are best suited to my clients. My core approach is attachment based. My desire is to come alongside of you and discover aspects of your story and patterns of relating that contribute to you feeling stuck or overwhelmed. Then I will guide you into practical ways of engaging your reality that make room for healing and growth. I believe people need both compassionate listening and concrete direction to thrive.

About Me

 I’m married and have three kids, ranging in age from 11-16. Life is full of both the joys and challenges of ever-changing seasons in marriage and parenting! When I’m not with my family I enjoy being outdoors hiking, kayaking, or skiing. I also love spending time with close friends over coffee, reading books, and traveling. 


Flowers on Wood

Dave Hutchins

Counselor & Author of "Courageous Parenting: The Passionate Pursuit of Your Teens Heart"
I have been privileged as a counselor to work alongside Leigh Ann in multiple care giving contexts. She brings a depth of trained skills in depression, grief work, and trauma. She has a compassionate and integrated way in walking with people in their own stories.

Dr. Dale Piper

Psychologist (Psyd) with over 31 years experience.
I have known Leigh Ann Looyenga for several years and I supervised her professional work during her internship. She is a highly skilled counselor. She is caring and compassionate. I highly recommend her as a therapist.

Former Client

Leigh Ann has supported me through various seasons of my life, from processing childhood trauma to walking through postpartum depression. She is kind, empathetic, knowledgeable, trustworthy, non-judgmental, and truly helpful. I wholeheartedly recommend her!
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