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Colorado Springs, home of Intermountain Counseling

Therapists in Colorado Springs, CO

Even in Colorado life can be painful. We help you stay on your journey to fulfillment. 

Recognized as the home of Garden of the Gods, the US Air Force Academy, and the Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs has a population of 491,467 people. It’s widely viewed as a desirable city to live in with its variety of unique restaurants and easy access to adventuring in the Rocky Mountains. It offers plenty to the youth, families, and older adults wanting to live balanced lives between the city and mountains.


An hour south of Denver, home of the Denver Broncos, Colorado Springs has several neighboring towns. Monument, Falcon, Manitou Springs, and Fountain. All these towns provide unique landmarks like the Manitou Incline, home of the popular mile long trail with a 2,000 foot elevation gain. The southern Colorado area is a truly wonderful place that draws people from around the United States to visit and live.


Coloradans are very friendly people, and proud of their reputation of being welcoming and helpful. As Colorado therapists, pride ourselves on our ability to listen to each client’s needs and provide personalized care. We want to keep our community as healthy as possible and keep people enjoying the beauty of Colorado and the wonders of our community!


Intermountain Counseling is focused on serving Colorado Springs, Monument, Falcon, and Manitou Springs communities.

Garden of the Gods, an attraction close to Intermountain Counseling

We're approachable

Our office is located in north Colorado Springs, near Woodmen and Academy. We offer convenient parking and easy access to public transportation. We're open Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm, by appointment only.

We’re focused on your needs.

Intermountain Counseling is focused on helping you and your loved ones find steadiness in your life so you can pursue fulfillment. If you’re looking for therapists in Colorado Springs, we do our best to make it easy. It can feel confusing to look for mental health help, so we’re here to help.


We provide a variety of therapeutic services in Colorado Springs, including online therapy. It’s okay to be uncertain about what you might need, and that’s why we offer a free consultation. We’ll explore your needs, make sure we’re the right fit, and make suggestions that would helpful to you.


Our goal is to better understand your story and your needs so that therapy can be as useful to you as possible. We want to see you succeed. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

Colorado Springs Art - Supported by Intermountain Counseling

Counseling Services Colorado Springs

Your children are precious but the teenage years are tough. There are so many issues that arise that create obstacles for your teenager and you as a parent. The unique issues in Colorado with choosing schools, dealing with stressors, friendships, loneliness, and more create a torrent to navigate. It’s okay if you feel like you’re carrying a lot. Knowing what resources are right for you and your teenager is difficult in Colorado Springs. Their are a lot of Colorado therapy options. We get that you need to sort through what’s out there, and so we help by offering you a free consultation. Feel free to learn more about the specific teenage therapy options we offer and you can schedule a free consultation.

Life is changing fast, especially in Colorado. Neighborhoods are looking different constantly, the business landscape is changing, your lifestyle may be affected by those transformations. You may be feeling the affects of life adjustments or you may be feeling like life is passing by. What you may be going through, finding therapists in Colorado Springs that are right for you can be an intimidating. We smooth the road for you by providing profiles on our providers and offering free consultations with our professional clinicians.

You and your partner may be looking for a therapist in Colorado Springs who can help your relationship, or work at ‘making a good thing better.’ Knowing who can help your relationship can be overwhelming. Intermountain Counseling holds professional therapists trained in research-based relationship therapy tools to help your relationship. As relationship therapists in Colorado Springs, you can read more about our relationship counseling services, marriage counseling services, and premarital counseling services. If you’re ready to create growth in your relationship with your partner, contact us for a free consultation now.

Family situations can feel difficult. Navigating modern life with evolving changes with culture and technology can make you feel like you never feel like you quite know how to handle the changing issues that affect your family, or that you can fully control and protect your family from the craziness of the world. All of this can impact your family by causing distance, difficulty in the ability to relate, and tension with communicating. Therapy with Intermountain Counseling in Colorado Springs can help you improve your family relationship. We can help you identify what’s been blocking the family life you’ve wanting and work toward the relationships you hope to have. 

Got questions about therapy in Colorado Springs?

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