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Welcome! You've already taken your first courageous step into a better life. 

You may have experienced a lot of doubts along the road to looking into therapy. You may have felt anxious or wary because of things you’ve heard or previously believed about counseling. 

Coming this far is a big step!

We want to honor your experience and your story. We believe that no one is entitled to your story, and so the fact that you are considering sharing it with a therapist is meaningful.


Because of that, we offer an initial free consultation so that you have the chance to meet with a therapist and decide if they're a fit for your needs before choosing whether to do counseling.


We know that the process of counseling may feel confusing, so we try to clarify the process as much as we can: steps to start counseling, FAQ’s, and a descriptions of our therapists.


If you’re ready for the next step, schedule a free consultation with us!

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