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Timothy Scudder

Hi, my name is Tim Scudder! I am a former military brat who has moved and lived all over the world! As such I love learning about different cultures and people. I approach life and counseling first as a learner because I believe there is so much to be gained by listening, and I relish the uniqueness of every individual. I had always been told that I have a “sensitive” heart and when I was introduced to counseling, I was excited to participate in people’s “ah-ha” moments and delight in their discovery of new life. I have 12yrs experience working with high school students at my church as well as experience, with couples, young adults, young-at-heart adults and work in an acute mental health facility.  I seek to create a safe, comfortable, and non-judgmental environment where individuals can explore their current strengths and uncover the joys, excitement and adventures awaiting ahead.


Who are you? Maybe that seems like an easy question to answer and maybe it does not. We all have so many forces pulling on us trying to define who we are, or who we “should” be. With so many voices speaking into your identity, my question is are you able to hear yours?  I am passionate about walking beside those who have lost their voice or have “forgotten” or have never known who they are. For those trapped in a performance bubble or the pressures of expectations. Whoever you are, whether you struggle with issues relating to anxiety, depression, esteem/worth, performance, beauty, power, cultural/ethnic identity, societal views of masculinity/femininity, etc., these all can reveal core issues of hurt and brokenness from a detached self. My desire is that you learn to embrace who you truly are unencumbered by expectations and values that are foreign and ill-fitting.


Do you feel seen in your relationships? How well do you relate to others? No matter what you do for a living or where you go on vacation, you will often find yourself relating to other people. Because you do not live your life in isolation, who you are, what you do, and the things you say affect other people. Sometimes this “affect” results in conflicts, and conflicts occur when needs are not being met. The challenge here is twofold: first is the ability to recognize the needs, and second is the ability to communicate those needs effectively. I am excited when I can walk with someone and help them recognize their needs and empower them to communicate those needs effectively. 


Sometimes in life terrible things happen. Sometimes those events are accidents and sometimes they are the result of deliberate malice. Whatever the origins, at that moment life seems unfair and you are left reaping the consequences of someone else’s actions or life’s circumstances. If not properly addressed these circumstances can lead to reliving the pain over and over again long after the event has passed. This is called trauma and it feels like being “caught” in the anxiety, dread, and victimhood of the situation. This can be a lonely, desperate, and scary place. Moving beyond the pain and experiencing freedom is possible. I come along side people to help them recover “felt safety” and agency in their lives.

Peaceful Night Sky

“I cannot say whether things will get better if we change; what I can say is they must change if they are to get better.”
– George C. Lichtenberg

Wood Pinwheels

I am a husband and father who loves to play and listen to music, write, cook, and fish.  I consider myself an artist and have sold several paintings. A dream vacation of mine would be to visit the Amazon on a birding expedition or travel the world on a food tour!

How I Help

I am a firm believer that a lot of dysfunction comes from needs not being met. And while that may make me seem like Captain Obvious, I also believe that people often are not in touch with their core needs and end up dealing with symptoms instead. This leaves people in a vicious cycle of disappointment and unfulfillment.  I help people explore their emotions and core values to aid them in uncovering and understanding their needs to be better advocates for themselves. This can include a variety of approaches tailored to the individual such as: cognitive therapies, mindfulness approaches, EMDR, solution driven methodologies, relational strategies, and more.

About Me

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