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Healing the Mother Wound

A mother plays a critical role in her daughter’s life. Most mothers want to love their daughters well, yet so many young women experience hurtful interactions or words spoken by their mothers that stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Group Details:

  • How: Join an 8 week group therapy session with 6-8 other people and two counselors Leigh Ann Looyenga and Brandi Walters.

  • When:    Thursdays evenings at 6:30-8pm from January 25th-March 14th 

  • Cost: $50/session ($400/8 sessions) 

  • Where: Intermountain Counseling, 6180 Lehman Dr. Ste 100

Woman feeling at peace with herself

Finding Peace when the Mother you Long for is not the Mother you Have

Did you feel wanted by your mother, and seen and truly known for who you are? Was she controlling? Did she allow you to be your own person? Or maybe she was fragile, and you felt like you needed to take care of her. Do you, even now, find yourself caught in a people pleasing cycle with her? Would you like to grieve and heal from the painful parts of your story with your mother, along with a small group of other women, all focused on becoming empowered to have healthier relationships?

Peace is possible. Your relationship with your mom can be different. We’ll teach you how.


  • Explore hurtful parts of our stories with our mothers, and how those experiences affected us

  • Transform the effects so they no longer dominate our lives

  • Learn to forgive our mothers & choose radical acceptance of where they are

  • Learn to say “no” without feeling guilty

  • Begin to take steps to forge a healthier relationship with our mom where she currently is at

  • Gain relationship skills to make any important relationship more healthy

The Group counseling process:

Group therapy offers a unique sanctuary for men whose wives have experienced past sexual abuse. By creating a shared space of understanding and camaraderie, it provides an avenue for these men to express often suppressed emotions, learn from the collective experiences of the group, and receive validation for their feelings. Additionally, group therapy provides essential insights into the intricacies of trauma, equipping them with tools to better support their partners while also emphasizing the importance of self-care. In a collective setting, men can collaboratively explore strategies for rebuilding trust, enhancing communication, and fostering intimacy, all while benefiting from the mutual support and understanding that comes from shared journeys.

Each group therapy session is 90 minutes long. The group will be 5 weeks long and every member will be screened to support group dynamics and keep it as useful an experience possible for all participants.  It's not a process that is over immediately, but sharing your experience, and hearing other men is empowering and can bring hope and renovation to your relationship.

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