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Christian cOUNSELING Colorado Springs

I'm wanting Christian counseling.

You may have felt like you're ready for therapy, but you need a therapist who understands and holds Christian faith and values because you know how important this is to you.


You've gone through troubled times, but you want to be sharing your life and working through your journey withone someone how knows more than psychology, who holds understands your values in a deep way. Our Christian counseling in Colorado Springs, is here to help you work through your the difficulties in your life and help you find stability. You don't have to go through this alone, and your Christian counselor in Colorado Springs will help you with that process.

It's good to remember that Christian therapy is focused on helping you find grounding in your life. You have a lot of resources, your Church community, your spiritual life, but a part of being human is that we sometimes need help. Christian counseling is here to help you with the tools to help you find the life you desire.

Doing the difficult work of Christian counseling will help you take the edge of your life that brings stress or depression. Facing the difficult aspects of life can be painful, but the reward is beautiful. Let's step into this together.

A woman happy with Christian counseling.

Through Christian therapy, you will learn how to:

  • learn to better cope with the problems you feel

  • develop tools and techniques that help you relax

  • learn what is underlying your issues

  • improve your relationships

  • find greater peace in your life as you begin to lessen your stress and tension on daily basis

You will benefit most from Christian counseling, Colorado Springs, if:

  • open to talking with a therapist

  • tired of the bridges burned because of your anger and willing to try techniques

  • ready to practice the tools you learn in session on a daily basis between your appointments so they become a regular part of your thinking

  • you are goal oriented and ready for a wanting a new leash on life

What's the value of ChRISTIAN Counseling?

As a Christian, you may have felt at times that your faith is not fully understood or appreciated in certain aspects of your life, including when seeking therapy. It can be difficult to open up and share your innermost thoughts and feelings with someone who does not share your values and beliefs. This is where Christian counseling, in Colorado Springs, can provide a unique and valuable opportunity to receive therapy from a therapist who understands and respects your faith.

Christian counseling is grounded in the belief that God is the ultimate healer and source of all life. It recognizes the value of integrating one's faith with the therapeutic process, and acknowledges the important role that spirituality plays in mental health and well-being. A Colorado Springs Christian counselor can help you explore how your faith can support and guide you as you work through the challenges and struggles you may be facing.

Christian therapy, in Colorado Springs, isn't just for those experiencing spiritual or religious concerns. It can also be helpful for anyone seeking support and guidance in their life. Christian counseling can help you explore and deepen your relationship with God, and can provide a safe and supportive space to explore your beliefs and values. It can help you gain insight into your thoughts and emotions, and can provide practical tools to help you navigate difficult situations and emotions.

One of the key benefits of Christian counseling is the sense of empathy and understanding that it can provide. When you are seeking therapy from a Christian counseling, you can feel confident that your faith will be respected and honored. You can share your struggles and challenges without fear of judgment, and can explore how your faith can provide comfort and guidance in difficult times.

Christian counseling can also provide a unique perspective on the challenges and struggles of life. As Christians, we are called to love and serve others, and to put our faith into action in the world. A Christian therapist can help you explore how your faith can inform and guide your relationships with others, and can provide practical guidance for living out your faith in everyday life.

In addition to the benefits of Christian therapy for individual healing and growth, it can also be a valuable tool for strengthening relationships and families. Colorado Springs Christian counseling can help couples and families explore how their faith can guide and inform their relationships, and can provide practical tools for improving communication and building stronger, more loving relationships.

It's important to recognize that Christian therapy isn't a substitute for prayer, Bible study, or other spiritual practices. Rather, it is a complementary tool that can help you deepen your faith and integrate it more fully into your daily life. Colorado Springs Christian therapy can help you explore how your faith can guide and support you in all areas of your life, and can provide practical tools for living out your faith in a more meaningful and fulfilling way.


Christian therapy can provide a deeply empathetic and supportive environment for those seeking therapy. It offers the opportunity to explore one's faith in a safe and supportive space, and can provide valuable insights and practical tools for navigating life's challenges. If you are a Christian seeking therapy, consider working with a Christian counselor who can provide the unique perspective and understanding that comes from a shared faith. With the guidance and support of a Christian therapist, you can deepen your faith, find healing and wholeness, and live a more fulfilling and joyful life.


You can also explore more services that Intermountain Counseling offers by looking at our main page.

What is Christian counseling and how is it different than Biblical cousneling?

Christian counseling and biblical counseling are two forms of counseling that are often used interchangeably, but there are some key differences between the two.

Christian counseling is a form of counseling that integrates Christian faith and beliefs with psychological principles and techniques. Christian counselors are trained mental health professionals who have a strong understanding of the Bible and Christian theology, but they also incorporate evidence-based techniques and approaches to counseling. Christian counselors may draw from a variety of therapeutic approaches, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, or family systems therapy, to help clients achieve their goals.

Biblical counseling, on the other hand, is a form of counseling that is rooted solely in the Bible and Christian theology. Biblical counselors believe that the Bible contains all the wisdom and guidance needed for healing and growth, and that it is the primary source of truth and authority for counseling. Biblical counseling often involves intensive Bible study, prayer, and other spiritual practices, and may not incorporate psychological or secular approaches to counseling.

One of the key differences between Christian counseling and biblical counseling is their approach to integrating faith and psychology. Christian counseling is more open to using evidence-based techniques and approaches, while also valuing the importance of faith and spirituality in the therapeutic process. Biblical counseling, on the other hand, places a greater emphasis on the Bible as the sole source of wisdom and authority, and may not use secular techniques or approaches.

Another difference between the two is their approach to counseling goals. Christian counseling focuses on a wide range of goals, such as improving communication skills, developing coping strategies, and addressing mental health issues. Biblical counseling, on the other hand, is primarily focused on spiritual growth and transformation, with the goal of helping clients develop a deeper relationship with God.

Overall, both Christian counseling and biblical counseling can be valuable tools for those seeking counseling from a Christian perspective. Christian counseling is more open to integrating secular approaches to counseling, while also valuing the importance of faith and spirituality in the therapeutic process. Biblical counseling, on the other hand, is rooted solely in the Bible and Christian theology, and may not incorporate secular approaches. The choice between the two will depend on your personal preferences and the goals you have for counseling.

Why is Christian counseling important?


Christian counseling is important for several reasons. Here are some of the key reasons:

  1. Integration of faith and therapy: Christian counseling integrates biblical principles and teachings with counseling techniques to provide a holistic approach to healing. This approach recognizes that people are not just physical and emotional beings but also spiritual beings with unique beliefs and values.

  2. Spiritual guidance: Christian counselors can provide spiritual guidance and support that is consistent with a client's faith. This guidance can help clients navigate difficult life circumstances, make important decisions, and find meaning and purpose in life.

  3. Emotional support: Christian counselors offer emotional support to clients struggling with a wide range of issues such as depression, anxiety, grief, addiction, and relational problems. They provide a safe and compassionate environment for clients to process their emotions, express their fears and concerns, and receive validation and empathy.

  4. Healing and growth: Christian counseling can promote healing and growth by addressing the root causes of emotional and spiritual problems. This approach can help clients develop a deeper understanding of themselves, their relationships, and their relationship with God.

  5. Personalized treatment: Christian counselors provide individualized treatment that is tailored to the specific needs of each client. They work collaboratively with clients to develop a treatment plan that is consistent with their beliefs, values, and goals.


Overall, Christian counseling is important because it provides a unique approach to healing that integrates faith and therapy. It can offer clients the emotional, spiritual, and practical support they need to overcome life's challenges and grow in their relationship with God.

But, if you want more than Christian Counseling resources, and you're ready to find relief from your issues, you can reach out to Intermountain Counseling to talk about working with a therapist to help you live the life you want to achieve.

The counseling process for Christian counseling:

Christian counseling, in Colorado Springs, will help you clarify what you’re wanting from life and adapt to your changing life and newfound responsibilities. Your Christian counselor will help you with strategies to regulate, lead you through practices that help you understand and overcome your angry impulses.


Each anger management session is 55 minutes long. We recommend at least eight consecutive weeks of Christian therapy to help you work towards your goals and work on your strategies for changing what you can in your life. It’s not done overnight, it can take time! We've found that clients who do not commit to weekly sessions for eight weeks struggle to find joy in meeting their goals and regaining control in their lives.

A peaceful night sky.

wHAT TO EXPECT with Christian counseling Colorado Springs

wEEK 1:

The first week is the intake session. The intake session is focused on explaining the process for Christian therapy in Colorado Springs. Your Christian counselor will go through the paperwork you completed and make sure you understand what you are consenting to in Christian counseling. Your Christian counselor will also gather more information about you, your biological, social, and psychological history; and anything else that may be affecting your situation. Your Colorado Springs Christian therapist will make sure that we clearly understand your goals for therapy and have a plan moving forward.

Week 2 and THE FOLLOWING weeks:

Your Christian counselor will choose treatment strategies that fit you best and help you regain a firm foundation in your life. Each session will be focused on the Christian therapist working with you to make sure you feel you are improving. This may require you to practice strategies during your week, between sessions.

Intermountain Counseling is committed to creating a welcoming, safe, and warm environment for you so you feel empowered and equipped to overcome the obstacles in your daily life.


Discharge is the agreed-upon ending of the therapeutic relationship once goals are achieved and takes 1 to 3 sessions, depending on your needs. Christian counseling should be a launchpad into life; your Christian therapist will work with you to determine that you feel your Christian therapy goals have been met and that you are satisfied with what you have worked on.

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