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A happy Intermountain Counseling client.

Life can feel painful and chaotic.

We help you find steady Ground

Therapy in Colorado Springs, Schedule a Session Now


You can't always change the world around you, but you can develop the internal strength to face and overcome what's holding you back. 

We'll teach you how.

Intermountain Counseling in Colorado Springs provides therapy to teenagers, adults, couples, and families.

We know that life can be difficult. Relationships can be stressful, work may be challenging, and you may feel that you don't have the margin you need. Whatever point you're at in your life, we meet you without judgment, to walk alongside, teach you, and help you toward a fulfilling life.

Established in 2015, Intermountain Counseling is a team of therapists in Colorado Springs who work to help people ready for positive changes in their lives and relationships. We work in collaboration with each other to provide the most effective therapy to our clients. The care of our clients is important us, and so we only work in treatments that are evidenced-based. We can to teach how to reach your goals! Schedule a free consultation to begin.

Colorado Springs Counseling Services

Colorado Springs Teenage Therapy

Our teenage therapy is designed to support your adolescent. We work to build motivation in therapy so that we can teach your teen the tools that will help them through their issues and build lifelong skills for growth.

Happy Teenage Intermountain Counseling Client
Happy Intermountain Counseling Client

Colorado Springs Individual Therapy

Our individual therapy for adults is tailored to help you deal with issues such as anxiety, depression, grief and loss, trauma, stress and burnout, anger management, and more. We provide therapy that is specified to your needs so that you can be heard and we can work toward your goals.

Colorado Springs Family Therapy

Our family therapy services are focused on helping strengthen and rebuild relationships. We understand that family relationships can be challenging, but they are important. We work at empowering families to move over hurdles to the healthiest family relationships they can have together.

A Family Closer Because of Therapy
A Couple Happy Because of Therapy with Intermountain Counseling

Colorado Springs Couples Therapy

Our couples therapy is available for those looking for relationship assistance with their partner, marriage counseling, premarital counseling, and pre-engagement counseling. All of us are in different places with our relationship needs. Whether you're wanting to work through issues with your significant other, want to set a firm foundation as you make a stronger commitment, or make a good thing better, our counseling can help.

Colorado Springs Online Therapy

Our Colorado online therapy is available for your ease and comfort. You can work towards your goals and we can walk alongside you from the convenience of your home. Our therapy is designed for your specific needs and we tailor everything to be done through an online format. Whether you're in-person or online, we work to help you meet your goals!

A Client Enjoying Online Therapy


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Lindsay Callahan, LMFT 
Owner of Spring Rainbow Counseling

As a fellow therapist, I am honored to call Rob Carlson my colleague and mentor. I have had the privelege to work directly with Rob, where I observeded his passion for his clients and love for learning innovative ways to provide excellent care first hand. I cannot think of another therapist I hold in higher regard than Rob Carlson.

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Kara Zimmerman, LMFT, LPC
*Rated one of the top 3 marriage counselors in Colorado Springs 

Rob Carlson of Intermountain Counseling is at the top of my referral list! I had the honor of providing clinical supervision to Rob and during that time I got to know, respect and trust him through seeing his humility, work ethic, desire to grow and learn, and passion for serving his clients well. I highly recommend Rob as a therapist for adults and adolescents and believe that his gentleness, wisdom, creativity, and integrity will be a blessing and help to many in our community.

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Etta Bauck, Director of Prefield Training
OC International

Our organization invited Rob to teach a session on Managing Stress at a recent training for our workers. We were not disappointed! His presentation was well prepared, thoughtful, interactive, and creative, and he achieved a good balance between scientific background and practical tips. His humor provided appropriate smiles at the right moments. I would happily recommend Rob for teaching seminars! We're already looking forward to having him back next year.

You can visit our Colorado Springs therapy office at located at 6180 Lehman Dr. STE 100  Colorado Springs, CO.

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